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A rough few days

The storm

The 28th of Tarsahk flew by with our group taking up different tasks on the boat… I say on the boat because I saw the youngest girl drawing on it and a few of the others trying to both keep their balance and write. I knew from past trips I would spend the trip in misery if I tried that, so instead I convinced the bosun to give me a useful task; the first time I’ve been able to do anything constructive on any of these boat rides! Those ropes do get a bit slippery, but it worked out to be an educational job.

On the 29th the wind started picking up and I got to perform lookout duties. I got the feeling though that I’m worse at that than I am at handling ropes, even slippery ones. I did once sight some reefs coming too close on our right side (known in boat terminology as the side the stars board as everyone keeps correcting me), I think the navigator got distracted by that argument he was having with the captain.

Later on in the evening the storm worsened and the bosun gathered everyone up on deck. That woman has a commanding presence, I like her! She assigned everyone tasks and despite the chaos and the wind and rain everyone hops to their post. Its main sail work for me, but I’m finding that I can hardly hold on to those gods-be-damned slippery ropes. Shortly everything goes to shit and we lose people overboard, I lose control over the ropes, and the storm is bad enough I can hardly see what is going on through the driving rain. Then the main mast cracks. And cracks again. And I find myself holding up the cracked mast by strength alone and I hold on with all my might and wonder if Tempus would hear me if I prayed to him for something that wasn’t war…

Apparently our group is full of crazy people because as the mast went down flat, with me still holding it to the boat, the little people start running up and down it. I have to admit it, the small ones have big balls. The small monk came to my aid (this will make a great if a bit embarrassing tale) and together we lifted the mast back upright. While I was pre-occupied, apparently all those who were thrown overboard were rescued, though that poor little girl looks like shes been scraped up by something with more claws than is right for a creature to have. Perhaps I can find and kill this thing for her, clawed things are often good for eating.

Its still raining, but we are all alive and the sails are furled… I guess we will see what the full extent of the damage is in the morning. I’m hoping to hear what happened from the rest of the group, I’m sure this night will not be forgotten.

-Salvador reporting

Hey Salvador, you left your book out under the pillow on your bunk, so I figured you wanted me to go ahead and read what you have written. Thanks for the nice words. I couldn’t have lifted that mast without your help, though. I am small, so getting the proper leverage would have made things more difficult. I am getting ahead of myself though.

Wow, that was an exciting bit of time. I am not sure if I would want to be a sailor, though. Brandobaris knows, you have to be insane to want to face seas like that more than once in your life. It seems like everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, I was pretty amazing, but it took all of us to survive this mess. As you know, I got stuck dealing with the aft mast. It took me longer than expected to get that taken care of with the wind and rain whipping across the decks. After I took care of that, I tried to move forward and help you with the main sails. I could see that you were struggling with it, and then I heard the mast start cracking. Thank the gods that you stepped forward to get hold of that mast. You wrestled with that thing and held it in place way longer than I would have expected.

It took a while to make my way across the decks to the lines for the main mast. I only wish that everyone could have seen me make my way across the decks. My monk training came in handy. I could have sworn those lines were alive. They attacked me as if they wanted to entangle me and toss me out to sea, and get this, a gods damned bird nearly took my head off while I was making my way forward. Fortunately I move like a leaf in the wind and was able to make my way forward without any major mishaps. Once I got to the main mast, I started to raise the sails. I saw our gnome friend try to make his way down and work his magic on the mast, but he seemed to be having troubles with that.

Unfortunately, that was when all the hells broke loose. The mast broke (I know that you don’t need to be told this, since you were holding the thing), but what you probably didn’t notice was that I still had hold of the lines for the sail when the mast toppled. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I say that my arse puckered tight enough to turn a lump of coal into a diamond, but I imagine that anyone who saw me would have thought that I was amazing. I rode that mast down like a hero from the old tales.

Fortunately that happened, though. I saw Amari in the water being supported by Rafe. She looked nearly dead, so I ran down the mast and, reaching deep inside and summoning the power of my ki, I tossed her over my shoulder and dashed back up the mast, saving her life. I cannot imagine how my adopted father would have reacted if his niece had died in the ocean. Especially since lately he has been acting a little strangely here and there.

That’s about the time that I ran to help you. It looked like you had things mostly under control with the mast, but I figured a little help wouldn’t hurt. I am just glad we got that mast up and gave Ignacius a chance to mend it. Could you imagine how much longer this trip would take with a missing main mast? I am already tired of sailing, and we still have days before we reach Waterdeep.

I hope the storm goes away completely and I am thinking that I need a pint or ten when we hit port. You game?

Finnan Tosscobble, Monk Extraordinaire.


Nydewien Fieran

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