Fates Fickle Game

Getting ready to head out to Waterdeep...


It is the 27th of Tarsahk, and we are leaving Baldur’s Gate for our scheduled trip to Waterdeep. We are hauling 100 pounds of salt and 2000 pounds of wheat, and various farming implements (hauled quite nicely down to the boat by a scrap of a boy who needed a lesson). Miri headed off to meet up with the other finger twiddlers, and I had to prod a few of the boys to get some work done instead of leer after her. I am not sure they got anything new done since I had left.

Apparently the group was successful as they showed me random bits of things that were bought, which I pretended to understand. I’ve found that nodding sagely has been the most useful response to anything the finger twiddlers try to explain…

We left port late afternoon and started on our way. Finally.

-Salvador reporting.

GM Note: Salvador receives 1 Inspiration as well as 1 potion of healing for this log.


Nydewien Nydewien

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